Free Air!

by Matt on June 20, 2011


There are so many references to and metaphors concerning air.  The “winds of change,” “love in the …” and the root word of spirit, inspiration and respiration are the same – spir – meaning: breath of life.  There is change in the air for me right now and I am exploring total trust as I go out on my own, creating the my own money, and the life that has been calling me for a long time.

I don’t have to consciously do anything to breathe and stay alive.  What is it, then, that is dreaming my heartbeats and breath into existence?  Even when I try to slow my breath and beats, they want to stay strong.  You scientists might say, “well, its a biochemical response.”  Though I am developing a relationship and conversation with my body, I have not mastered my heart beat yet!  It beats even if I don’t want it to.  What then, is in there, doing that?  What is keeping me alive even if I am not paying attention?  I feel quite empowered by this notion and it helps me understand trust in such a profound way.

I have had amazing experiences while consciously breathing lately.  And though I struggled with what they call “asthma” for most of my life, I have continuously breathed for more than 30 years!  It’s pretty awesome, really, when I stop the mental meanderings and just feel the weight of 33 years of breathing.   Never really thanking anything “out there” for the very pulse that makes my body stay alive.  The wait of that long time before coming into a daily practice of saying, “I thank the universe for every… breath.”

Sometimes I feel it in every cell of my body when I say it.  It catches it in my throat sometimes, just saying, “I thank…” and I connect so deep at that moment.

Air is the only thing left in life that is “free.”  ( I am not speaking to pollution taxes and cap and trade, etc)  This is something that I have pondered and mused about lately.  I think about my connection to the life force and messages pop up in my head that astound me.  Air is free.  It’s the only physical substance that’s free.  And, as  I practice this new way of breathing, I recognize I am freeing myself through practicing and developing a relationship with the only “commodity” that no one makes you pay for.  This idea “blows me away.”  How do I thank the air in a culture that has taken to valuing everything in terms of money?  How is it that the thing I most need is the only thing I get free?

There’s no wars over it, you can’t steal it, you trade it with plants constantly, if it goes our of balance for just a couple minutes, you could die – go to the spirit world.

As the “winds of change” cause me to adjust my sails again, urging me to move forward into new lessons and situations where I can cultivate impeccability, I am reminded that the “me”  in my ego is never going to be completely stable but can be completely “rooted” and safe, if I give in to total trust and knowingness that the universe supports me at all times.  It always has!

All I have to do is breathe.

PS.  I haven’t used my inhaler now for 4 months!


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