My Story

As I start to write this, one thing that immediately comes up for me is that my story is not something that can be encapsulated in a few paragraphs.  The story of ourselves is also something that, as a constantly evolving being, can trap us-if we do not realize our own infinite nature.

So let me say first and foremost:

I am.

I grew up in a fairly wealthy household in a conservative neighborhood in Texas.  As I grew older, I yearned for more: for something I felt was there but that I wasn’t told  about.  I went out to take a look around for myself.

I was very popular in my social circles and at school and I still have an easy time making friends.  I am quite empathic and I know how to resonate with people very quickly.  I was liked by all types of people and now I know it was because I like all types of people.  My parents definitely instilled in me that all types of people are ok.  I remember once that the Guatemalan Women’s Pentathalon team stayed at our house and my brother and I thought that was so weird but we were so interested in them.  Now, when I meet people from early life they tell me they still see some specialness in me.  I don’t think I feel very different than other’s feel, but I think I am more able to trust how I feel and express myself.  I recognize that I have always been a trailblazer.

At around 8 years old I started my relationship with Asthma, and anxiety, and started taking the conventional medicines to combat the illness.  At some point in adolescence I started to change.  To rebel.  Things that were happening in our culture and in my family at the time left me without an anchor to which I could ground my growing and “different” interests.  My rebellion turned into a 17 year “dark night of the soul.”   Drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety and unconscious behavior of all sorts.


Interestingly, when I look at that term “self-destruction”  I see it in a different way than I once did.  I don’t think I would have made the realizations that I did without going through it all and I am glad I am here today to connect to and pass on what I learned to anyone seeking healthiness, happiness, creativity, enlightenment and FUN!

From about 22 years old to 31 years old I tried to get out of the grasp of truly painful addiction.  Therapy, education, sickness after sickness, denial, crisis.  I was diagnosed with heart problems, found myself thinking, on more than occasion, that this would be the night of my death.  Some things happened that for months left me crying daily.   at the thought of letting myself down, and not fulfilling my spirits urgings to heal, to create music, to write and divulge all the messages my mind was receiving concerning the healing of human suffering.  I knew I could heal, I just didn’t know how.

Finally I had backed my “self” into a corner: practice what I was already teaching about the health and wellness of the human body and the earth, or soon perish under the weight of my own unwillingness to hold myself responsible for he mess I was in.  I fully immersed myself into the teachings of David Elliot, Paul Pitchford, Alla Svirinkaya, and many ancient texts including the Bible, Buddhist masters, and many, many contemporary “help” books.  I have tried many of the natural healing modalities such as ayurveda, acupuncture, chiropraction, positive thinking.  I learned and now practice yoga, meditation, lucid dreaming, and macrobiotics.  I learned what self-love really is and the miraculous healing it can give us.  I learned to really breathe again, and soon discovered my true nature.   I committed to my healing and to Infinity.

I now recognize myself as a healer, an artist, and a divine incarnation using my time during this Earth Walk to bring Light, Love, and Fun to my every moment and extend that positive vibration to all others.  My Heart condition has been stable for 5 years, I no longer use any type of “conventional” medicine, my asthma is gone, my anxiety is almost non-existent, my depression and addictions are gone, and I can even have a beer every now and again with out any fear that I will be dead by morning if I do!  

This is not to say that I am any more special than anyone else.

I invite all who are interested in enlightenment, healing, or expanding into peaceful abundance to visit me, come to a show, or call me for an appointment. I am not hiding anymore!   I am stepping into my role as a leader of those who know we can change for the better, and am living proof of overcoming the odds.

I know every word is sacred.  Every breath -given to me from source energy- is appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in Matt’s Story.  For more information about his work: click here.