My Values

Love: It’s why I’m here.  


I Believe:

We are here to evolve our souls into the highest state we can during our lifetime.

That we are all ONE.  How you are influences how I am, and vice versa.

In the Golden Rule.

That our thoughts and intentions create our world.

That even the most broken among us have the capacity to change.

That there is much more than meets the eye.

That love is the highest state.


My intention is to:

Evolve my own soul through its negative karma into the highest state of enlightenment I can attain.

Have a lot of fun.

Help others who, like me, want to become more conscious and heal themselves and their worlds.

Create beautiful art, writing, and music as my spirit desires.


You can trust me to:

Revere you and your time and space.

Bring 100% of myself to your session or project.

Be funny and playful.

Observe the Golden Rule – even if other’s aren’t observing it towards me.

Tell the Truth.