Dis-ease Education

I want a quick, detailed educational report about my disease from a natural or alternative perspective: contact Matt. 

Do you have a disease that you want to heal?   I understand.   I’ve been there.

There is so much information about health and disease these days that it can take months to sift through it all and many of us want faster and safer solutions to our wellness.

I will organize information from the perspective of  diet, exercise, alternative therapies and spirituality that will speed your understanding of your disease so that you can undertake the healing process with more tools working for you.

You will receive a list of resources with references, quotes, and suggestions for how to study this information so that you can get to healing on all levels quickly.

Alternative perspectives covered:

Common Cold and Bacterial Infections






Heart Diseases

Detoxing and Cleanses



I am not diagnosing or curing disease or sickness, consult your doctor if you are sick.  This service is intended to educate people of their disease from the so-called “alternative” and natural perspective.


** for acute illnesses that speed is of utmost importance, such as food-poisoning, you may text or call me and I can consult with you immediately.