For Individuals, Couples, and Groups: by phone/skype, or in person.  

Teaching people freedom. 

Are you wanting to fine-tune or expand yourself beyond your current state of being?

Are you stuck, blocked, or repeating negative patterns that make you unfulfilled, or even dis-eased?

Matt’s gift is to connect people to their essence bringing Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual re-vitalization.  He teaches tools to use in our everyday lives to better recognize and harness our innate power.  Sessions involve a mix of intuitive guidance and breath-work.

What people are saying:

“Well, that was worth more than my whole last year of therapy.”  Natalie, SF, Ca, writer

“Matt, Thank you so much for bringing some light to my life.” Maria, San Antonio, Tx

“During my session I actually felt the negative energy lifting out of my body.”  Ted, San Antonio, Tx

“Thanks for the healing circle.  Such a powerful class!”  Jackie, San Antonio, Tx, Yoga Teacher


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