Breathe Deep

This class is all about connecting to the higher self, removing blocks to happiness, and Healing. It starts with participants writing answers to questions proposed by Matt about their own healing- usually around a topic for that particular class.  Past topics have been “Love,” “Creativity,” and “Letting Go, ” and more. We then move into Matt’s teaching around that topic through exercises and/or sharing and then we do deep breathing “pranayama” that helps everyone release blocks and feel ecstatic.  The breath work portion transforms into meditation and participants achieve a very deep state relaxation and meditation. The class is set at 2 hours and is usually jam packed.  I require at minimum, 15 minutes before and after the class to set up and clean up.

What studios are saying:

“The Brazos Healing Center hosted Matt for his Breathe Deep workshop in Juneand had a wonderful turnout for the workshop. We had a mix of people who represented varied interests and reasons for attending the workshop. All enjoyed it immensely, gaining immediate benefit and clarity from Matt’s guidance. Personally, I found the workshop to be tremendously clearing for my well-being as I felt lighter, more relaxed, and joyful after the experience. I highly recommend Matt as he is an enthusiastic, caring and great instructor.”Lisa Taufener of The Brazos Healing Center in College Station, Tx.

“I found Matt’s breath-work class to be very illuminating and powerful! Through his very accessible approach to his offering I experienced a joyful connection with the breath and the ease of being that comes with that. As a yoga studio owner, it has been a real pleasure to host Matt as he expands his offering to more and more people.”~ Carolyn Yates of Studio Bija in Paonia, Co

Contact Me for info regarding setting up a class at your space.