The Magic Breath



-Profoundly helps overcome bad habits (one of the main blocks to self-actualization)

-enjoy more trust and less anxiety (achieve deep relaxation that lasts)

-turn off the running mind (give your brain a break so you can hear your heart’s whispers)


-Stimulate Self-Healing (increase and directly influence your life-force called “prana”)

-release more bodily toxins by increasing respiration (blow-off old cellular waste)

-Strengthens Breathing for Overall Wellness (breath work, or pranayama, is a most important practice for Health)


-Meditate more easily (learn YOUR spiritual energy)

-Open and Cleanse Chakras (be able to trust your intuition and have head/heart coherence)

-Open your connection to the One (tap the hidden energy around you)


Best Practices: (how to do it!)

Audio Meditation:

Listen Now by clicking play below

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Right Click here to DOWNLOAD the meditation Choose “Save As” to get it on your computer or device. For MAC users, double click and choose “download.”


Go Deeper with a Private Session:

In a Private Session, you will do the breathwork with Matt as your guide.  Matt can hear into the specific areas where you might need a nudge and will help you go further.  His experience leading people back to wholeness gives a framework to, and intensifies, your journey of self-healing.

Contact Matt for a Session or Questions


Comments After Private Sessions:

“… that did more than my whole last year of therapy…” Natalie, Writer, SF, Ca

” …Thanks for bringing some light into my life…” Maria, San Antonio

“… I could feel old negative energy lifting out of me… that was like open heart chakra surgery!” Chuck, San Antonio

“… that was a game changer! Whoa!” Cooper, Actor, Paonia, Colorado


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