Breathwork Healing Sessions

the transmutation of fire in the heart












Are you facing a challenge? Stuck, heavy, or fearful? In need of change?

Do you know that there is a better way, but you are having trouble getting there? Matt’s philosophy is that we are all capable of living a naturally joyful life if only we knew how. His strategy is to use his gifts to help you in the session, while also teaching you to be able to heal yourself for long-term stability and expansion of your own ability to live your life to the fullest.

Matt works with you during the session to awaken your awareness and
teaches you techniques which you use on your unique path. 

The Session

A private session with Matt is an experience in Body-Mind-Soul rejuvenation.

It starts with a “checking-in” about what’s challenging you and where you might be stuck.
It continues with a breathing technique that’s thousands of years old, which charges you up
and then propels you to a super-relaxed state.

During and after the session you may experience insights, answers to problems, lightness of being,
and pure ecstatic bliss.  People report feeling better for days and weeks afterwards. Read the testimonials below.

Sessions are in person, or by phone, and are $80 for Individual and $120 for a Couple.
Session time is about 75 minutes, or about 90 minutes for couples.

Available for Small Groups, Families, festivals and other private groups. Negotiable fee structure.

Contact>> Contact me for scheduling or questions.

The Series:

Many people find that a few months  or a year of sessions works best for them. We set some goals and reach them. Sessions can be weekly, every other week, or as needed depending on your budget and needs. Just contact me with your interest and we’ll design a package for your journey.

What People are Saying:

Something really shifted in me during that session Matt. I feel amazing.” Vanessa, Austin Tx

“That did more for me than my whole last year of therapy…” Natalie, San Francisco

Matt, you inspire people to find strength in themselves.” Kristyn

I don’t know what exactly is going on there, but I feel a lot better.
I do a lot of practices which help me deal with my issues,
but that one is the best I have ever used.” Alex, San Antonio

I found Matt’s breath-work class to be very illuminating and powerful!
Through his very accessible approach to his offering I experienced a joyful
connection with the breath and the ease of being that comes with that.” Carolyn, Paonia, Colorado

I found the workshop to be tremendously clearing for my well-being as I felt lighter,
more relaxed, and joyful after the experience.” Lisa, College Station, Tx