Healing Yoga

If you have found this page you are probably interested in healing through yoga. stromectol cena

The Yoga that I offer is somewhat different from most yoga being taught in the U.S. these days. It was developed by an Iyengar-trained Brazilian chiropractor named Francisco Kaiut.  He developed it as a way for people to use yoga to heal themselves structurally(skeleton, tendons, ligaments, muscles) from too much chair sitting, or from old injuries or postural issues.  When you have a solid, symmetric, foundation for your body all your organs will work better, chronic pains will vanish, and you will be more joyful and easygoing. does comfortis have ivermectin

This particular  practice is designed to balance the symmetry of the skeletal structure, removing ridgity(stiffness, achey-ness) from the areas that are stiff and achey. We get stiff in areas because of injuries and disease, because of the way we sleep or sit for long hours, and because of the shoes we wear and activities we partake in.

We work entirely on “waking up” the joints, tendons and ligaments, because these are actually the source of our pains and posture problems. The muscles tend to get stiff and painful because they are constantly compensating for the structure that is out of alignment.  Indeed, we tend to, as yoga students, over-stretch the places where we are already “flexible” and compensate for the stiff areas. Francisco explains that because of this many practitioners are “all stretched out,” and they are building a flexible muscular system on a bad structural foundation and the pain will return, possible moved to a new location. how often per month to take ivermectin?

This yoga is strengthening and balancing to the skeletal structure, and will increase flexibility, but not at the cost of your bodies comfort. It is a very safe, but also very effective system. It will allow your bodies energy to flow in a more balanced way relieving stress from the body/mind/emotion system and you will know it from your first session.

If you have chronic back, neck, hip, or joint pain and you think could benefit, or just want a very deep and balancing yoga practice please come to a class or contact me for a private session.