Healing Classes

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Yoga and Healing Centers:

Matt facilitates groups in Yoga Studios and in Healing and Community Centers all over Texas and the Southwest.

Breathe Deep is a deep healing experience in which all can participate.  The class will usually have a topic for exploration, such as Love, or Healing, and then everyone will do the breath-work meditation. It is cleansing, grounding and healing, and leaves participant feeling lighter and more connected to the Universe and their unique path. MORE INFO

Healing Asthma Naturally:  This class empowers people to heal their asthma symptoms, as he did, through knowledge of the syndrome, lifestyle practices, and breathing exercises. Matt has collected all the information he has used on his path to healing his own asthma, and shares this info with participants, who also practice the breathing exercises most likely to bring about reduction of symptoms.

Private Groups:

Families, work groups, recovery centers, and groups with common challenges, can hire Matt to come in and facilitate a healing experience and team building workshop which can shed light on issues, bring about a speedier recovery, and get people in touch with each other and bring balance between members.

Contact him to explore setting up a class at your space or for your group.