Subjective Definitions


The practice of the idea that everything is alive and that we are connected to a “present infinity.”   Simply, this means living organically in all facets of our lives.  Living life as life, not as a system of debt and surplus, but as a sacred living balance where there is no wasted energy because everything is “connected.”


Art is a way of life.  It is healing, freeing, and fun.  I think of everything I do as art and doing so puts me in a place of fun with everything around me and fills me with curiosity and enthusiasm.



Medicine is a general word for anything that helps us to heal any of our aspects.  Love, pills, art, and spirit are all medicine to me.

Doctors fix you when your broken.  They are great at diagnostics on the physical body.  They are one of the pillars of healing.  I respect that.  My regimens, knowledge and practices are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure in the way a medical doctor would do.  See your doctor if you think yo may be sick.  I teach, educate, and promote wellness, and optimal performance of body, mind and spirit.   If you respect yourself and learn the way your body works and learn how to listen and respond to your body with sensitivity, you may find that you feel healthier and happier.  I am just happy to help you.


We should grow our food in our communities and most of us should help.  Small yards and other open spaces are quickly popping up in affluent areas, but the People need to grow their food on a wide scale. I eat an organic plant based diet with little refinement and big flavor.  I grow my own food and network with local producers.