“When we learn about our own energy, we learn we are in a constant conversation with the universe, unlocking the immense human potential around us in ways most modern people have forgotten about. Energy always precedes action.”  Matt, 2011  

What is Natural Magic?

“All Humans are magicians…” Don Miguel Ruiz

Natural Magic is gaining an actionable relationship with the Natural Universe(or God, if that doesn’t offend you) that allows for heightened intuition, mastery of manifestation, the ability to heal, and can provide a foundation of unshakeable trust that all things work out for the best – always.

You can realize a mind/body/soul connection to the “One” spoken of by every mystical tradition from Ancient Judaism, and Hinduism, to Christianity all the way to and through Bob Marley’s pronouncement of “One Love.”

The “age of reason” and the rationality accompanying it has been a great boon to economic expansion, and has its place in the expansion of ideas by organizing their progress. Yet,  it has the unintended consequence of cutting us off from the equally important right-brain experience of art, beauty and mystery.  When we over-value the logical we deprive ourselves of the magical.

By connecting with me and learning through the practices and teachings I offer, you will revitalize your creative side, engage the mystery, and both your spiritual creative life AND your logical life will benefit.
It is the experience of being complete – connected and reflected in everything around you: places, events, choices. This experience deepens your love, and shows how you can be an effective reflector and projector of love in every moment.
This is the most fulfilled we can get as humans.


Increase your ability to make decisions with favorable outcomes.

Create and sustain deeper relationships.

“Read” your environment and develop your intuition.

Understand your emotions and what they are trying to tell you.

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