Send them to Me

Below is a poem that burst through Matt’s consciousness and was written in one sitting, in about 10 minutes, in July 2013.  Matt has noticed that most of the people coming to him for help are pretty desperate for change in their life.  He does “tune-ups” for those who are steady on their path, but needing a nudge. Many, though, are needing his healing support and guidance to bounce back from loss, illnesses, and to find and re-commit to their purpose.


“Send them to Me…”  Matt+Source, 2013


Send me your weak, your down or diseased.
Send me your sad, your down on their knees.

Send me your broken with their anger and cries.
I’ll show them their angels and breathe life through their eyes.

Send me your shallow, send your insane,
Send me you enemies, your blamers and blamed.

Send me your stuck, and send me your stoned.
I’ll know what to do to help them get home.

It’s all a great shimmer, with plenty of shine.
It’s all in our power, and all in due time.

They’ll come out from hiding, they’ll come out to see.
If you know they need help, just send them to me.

Their once was a time when I couldn’t say
I was living with Joy, or I was finding my way.
But now that I reached out to those who could help
I know the path that leads back to our self.

So send me your broken and send me your weak.
Send me your futureless, and when the future looks bleak.
Send me your daughters, sons, nephews and niece
send me your mothers and fathers and priests.
Send me your loved ones who won’t come by them selves
or maybe it’s you who is needing some help.

I’m here and I’m ready,I’m poised and I’m strong.
I’ll be here till I’m finished, I don’t care how long.

Until it’s spoken “Earth’s children found their way!”
I will be guiding, creating, and remembering to play.

But when I can hear the sound of the call,
I’ll leave this old body and scale the last wall.

Into eternal knowing and heavenly bliss,
so grateful to know not a moment I missed.
And even though some of my path was astray
I learned and I showed that nothing is waste.

Until then,

Send me your scared,the displeased and abused.
Send me the frustrated, the beaten, confused.

Send me your fearing and those that would hate,
and I’ll send you back healed, it’s all of our fate.

But one word of caution
before you think it’s already done.
That step, though miraculous,
is a perilous one.

It requires just one
decision, it’s true.

But with just one step taken
Great Spirit takes two.

And once you have come for just a small taste.
You can’t ever return to a life you would waste.

It’s not always easy, but it’s always fair,
So send me the weighted and I’ll show them the air.

You send me your bodies, and I’ll meet your soul.
Lighting a fire, dispensing the cold.

Send me yourself and I’ll make sure you see
how healing can happen, as it happened to me.