What is Healing?

Healing is something we all do.

Our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits are involved in a constant evolution through the present moment- continually finding their balance with everything around us-without exception.  “Energy” is what these elements all have in common, and what they have in common with the environment.  At our core we, and everything around us, are energy.  It’s all made up of the same parts, just expressed in seemingly different ways.  When you know how energy works, and it is always working, you gain a deeper understanding of how things happen, why things are the way they are, and how to mold your environment to fits the needs of your situation.

What’s the point?

To reduce our own suffering and gain an awareness of life that is perpetually fulfilling, uplifting, and beautiful.  It’s also to get out of our own way so that we can get on with the work that we are really here to do.

Will my illness go away if I understand energy?

Our bodies are metaphysical healing machines.  When you get a cut, generally, it heals itself.  But only if the conditions are right for it to heal.  You know if you get dirt in it, it may get infected, and then may take much longer to heal, if it ever does.  That little cut could be the end of your bodies life if you don’t work with it correctly. It is the same with all illness.  Give something the right conditions to heal, and it will heal.  What I do in sessions is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.  See a doctor if you are sick.  However, what I do will help you feel better and feeling better is a great step towards healing.

Who needs Healing?

All of us needs healing. It is a constant process.  Some need more than others, but that can change really fast depending on the level of commitment from the person(s) involved.  How valuable is your time and how valuable is your life?  Is there something more you are wanting from life but are having a hard time getting it, or even knowing what it is?

What about the Earth, and the people around me?  I think they need healing.

I agree, but the place we have the most power is our own life.  When we heal our own life and concentrate on ourselves, we become a living example of what we want to see in the world and that is the most powerful help you can give anyone or anything.

How does it work?

You come in for a session or we do a session on the phone and you get immediate results.  At the core of your engagement with me is an ancient breathing technique that you will be able to perform at any time for the rest of your life.  The breath is  a primary relationship with the outside world-without it your body only lives for a couple of minutes.  When you breathe with me you begin to feel your energy and I begin to see where your having issues and where you may be “stuck” and we work on clearing that stuck energy so that you can move forward.  Also, because I have read just about everything there is about self-healing, I educate you about information you may benefit from knowing concerning your specific issue.  You leave the session feeling better and knowing more about who you really are and what you need to do to heal yourself.