Healing and Yoga

A balanced and coherent heart and mind are what Matt leads his clients to understand and cherish for themselves.  Through the self we heal the world. 365 كوره

Private Sessions

Are you faced with an illness or a bad habit, or stuck relationship.  Or maybe you just don’t know what to do next.  Are you at your wits end? Do you know you need to breathe deep? In a session, you will learn and practice a deep breathing exercise that has been used for thousands of years by Yogis as the most direct way to self-healing.  Matt allows his intuitive gift to guide you to understand your blocks and strengths so that you learn how to get down the healing path for yourself. العب مجانًا Feeling anxious, blocked, or stuck?  Breathe.  Individual Sesions are Approximately 75 minutes in person, by phone or Skype and are $90. Couples $120. Families and corporate groups are negotiable depending on travel.  Multi-session discounts, trades and payment plans available.   Contact me for a Session

Groups:  Look in the events for a group class near you as Matt Tours the Southwest US and beyond teaching in Yoga Studios, at Arts Festivals, and in community spaces large and small.  He is active in the San Antonio, Austin, and Colorado areas.

The Hero’s Journey, a Sojourn into your Spirit… 

What it is you are here to do?  Do you know that you need to do something but are having a hard time accomplishing it or even starting it?  Have you gotten a “wake-up call?”  I understand, I’ve been there.  Start a new business?  Move-on from a relationship? Face a disease or hardship?   The Hero’s Journey is one which takes you from you were, to who you know you can be. My path is but one example, from sick to healthy, from working a day job to living my dreams-on my schedule, and from thinking “is this all there is?” to “I know anything is possible.” So what are your DREAMS? Really? Do you want to help others along the way? Contact me with your interest in a customized journey, which may include, Cleansing of home and body, weekly breathwork, reading, and guided goal accomplishment.  This may also be applied towards an healer apprenticeship, where you learn to help others as you heal yourself. قوانين البلاك جاك

Artist’s Way Ongoing Cluster

The Artist’s Way cluster is a way to keep yourself honest about the creative projects you are undertaking. Each Week on Monday evening by phone, the group checks-in about what we accomplished in the previous week toward our goals and share about our writing, music, paintings, or whatever medium or project that we are creating. You will find this support invaluable, as a marker for what you accomplished, and for inspiration from the community that is formed around our art. Some of us are undergoing various Julia Cameron (Artist Way)programs, and some of us are just working on our art. Approximately 90 mins.  Contact me to discuss your involvement with the group.