Healing Workshops

The topics below are taught as either a “workshop” or a “healing circle” or a combination of the 2.  Workshops feel more like classes and healing circles feel more like spiritual gatherings.  All the topics can be delivered privately also.  Please call or contact me for more information about these classes or to set up a private appointment or phone session.


I was diagnosed with Asthma at about 8 years old and took inhalers for over 20 years – until I learned how to breathe again.   Now, I have packaged together all the information I learned when figuring out how to heal my asthma and I deliver it in this workshop, which includes some specific breathing practices that help you today!


Addiction/Bad Habits:

I was addicted to alcohol and various illicit drugs and had other bad habits that were obstructing my happiness.  Now, I am a self-realized survivor and can teach you the same things that worked for me.   Have you tried therapy?  Have you read the books?  Do you really want to stop your bad habits and “recurring nightmares?”  If so, come to the Addiction Healing Workshop and hear what nobody is telling you about addiction and at the same time learn a breathing technique that “sweeps” the negative energy out of your body.  Many times we “know” what is wrong but we still can’t change the behavior.  It is time to take your approach deeper.


Creative Block:

Do you feel an urge to create something?  Have you ever thought the following things?  “This sucks.”  “No one will ever like it.”  “It’s no use, I’ll just keep my day job like my dad said.”  What if the rest of us never got to see your movie, or heard your song, or read your book?  What if your art or invention was the thing that would spur on the answer to our energy crisis or spark the creative fire of the youngster that would be the next Einstein or Elvis?  What if you are in line to win a Grammy or an Oscar but are too scared to take the first step.  Believe me, you are never going to be truly happy unless you are creative and realized and you owe it to the world to make your art and have a blast while doing it.  Everything is art.  I live my whole life as if it were a canvas on an easle and you can to.  Come to this workshop and learn how to blast through the BS and create your dream!



Love is in the Air.  Many of us aren’t really sure what love is.  We think we want it but our old patterns get in the way and teach us that love is not safe.  I have learned how to correct this and work with single people, couples and families/groups to get everybody on the same page so healing the dysfunction can happen and stick.  If you are willing and want love to work for you, it will work.