Beginning a Project: Today is the Best Day of the Rest of My Life.

by Matt on June 23, 2012

I’ve been working on some projects since I left my last big projects behind.

I have covered A LOT of ground since closing the Farm and Echotown(my San Antonio projects, a recording studio and citizen sustainability network, respectively) and I have not released too much out in to the world as of yet. It has been a sort of quiet rekindling of truer callings. Interestingly, my newer pursuits are really just more personal, laser focused versions of the 2 former projects.

  1. Instead of a music studio where I record other peoples music and projects, I am writing, performing, and soon to record music that has been bubbling up through me.
  2. Instead of a large community wide effort encourage people to be “green” for their own health and the health of the community, I have been working in small groups and privately with people who want to learn how to create the life the really want.

I am getting pretty close to(ok, I’m at the threshold of) beginning a new “project within a project” which is writing and logging my experiences through my website.

What I’ve noticed is that I have been doing so much work learning, healing and writing on my own, that turning it out and offering what I have been working on to others has allowed me to be challenged by an energy that that I myself have taught others to conquer: the resistance to starting a new project.

Resistance for me in sharing my experiences has shown up in a few, typical, ways. I have been putting off writing a blog because sharing it would mean that some folks would go to my website which I think “isn’t ready yet.” Specifically, there is a homepage graphic that I have been waiting to be finished before I tackle the “launch” of my site. So, what I realize here is that I am buying into the idea that it’s not safe for me to express myself. What I know to be true, though, is that if I just unblock the flow on my website by writing a blog, the energy will also be unblocked for my designer, and i’ll probably get the final draft of the graphic we have been creating. See, I know I am “where the buck stops.” If I am doing things to create stagnation- the energy around me will also be stagnant.

When starting a new phase, a new project, a new (good) habit, the best thing we can do is to just start!

When we uncork the flow of our creativity, it tells us where to go, what to do next, and the magic of creation has room to manifest in ways that we never imagined. And we are blessed in ways we do not expect.

So, this is the best day of the rest of my life. Each day we get a chance to get a little more done toward the creation of our dreams, the harnessing of our truest desires. I know as an artist, and I see us all as artists of our lives, that when I do not take some small step in a day towards my highest current potential that I do not feel “right.” Soon, that un-right-ness, can turn into negativity, distraction, and even lashing out. Well, not today, I am going to post this blog, and even announce that I am going to be regularly posting stories, updates and art here on my web-log, because I know what I have to share can help people, myself, and even help the whole of the universe and I am here to do just that!


I hope this encourages you to get cracking on that project that’s calling to you, and it’ll be the best day of the rest of your life too!



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Alana Macias June 23, 2012 at 5:03 pm

Awesome, Matt! I’m glad to be able to keep up with what you’re doing through this.


admin June 23, 2012 at 5:42 pm

thanks Alana! You can keep a little closer eye on things by going to “free stuff” on my website and submitting your email to me… they’ll be more free stuff soon!


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