Clear a Blocked Sinus in Under a Minute with No Drugs

by Matt on February 14, 2013

I learned a really cool trick a couple years ago that I know will really help a lot of people out there who have allergies, chronic congestion, or a blocked up nose due to a cold.

When I really started getting serious about my health, I learned all kinds of stuff that no doctor had even so much as hinted at in all my years.

I started learning about the mind/body connection and a whole world of truly empowering information started coming at me.  I admit, I was angry at the doctors who had given me all kinds of drugs that weren’t necessary and angry at myself for putting so much faith in a system I had really started to doubt. Of course, I know now that they were just doing what they thought best.

Nowadays, I hardly ever find myself taking a pill, of any kind, OR resorting to an inhaler, and, I feel great most of the time.  When I don’t feel great, I have learned to trace what’s going on with me and bring myself into balance. Of course, there are parts of western medicine that are better than anything the world has ever known, and I am thankful my thumb works as well as it does(surgery) and was pretty relieved after getting that heavy dose of anti-biotic after an 11 day fever a couple years ago.

All right, I’ll get to the fun part.  The Video I am sharing this week, teaches an exercise taught through the Buteyko Method, which is something I learned about because it’s a non-drug therapy for asthma: it can actually get you off drugs, and is a part of the asthma educational kit I am developing.  It was a big part in my own asthma story, which these days isn’t much of a story anymore.  But I’ll save that for another time.

Watch the video below to learn the technique.  There is more nuance to using this technique for long-term  improvement in allergies and asthma (and anxiety), but for now, maybe you just want to clear your nose…

Happy viewing…



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