George Zimmerman: an Exploration of Karma

by Matt on July 22, 2013


You’ve probably heard about the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman issue, and while I see so many caught in the duality of right and wrong, blame and culpability, and ultimately fear, I thought I would take the opportunity to show how and why I love both of these people, and to give a little primer on Karma, or natural law (or how the Golden Rule can be seen to operate in the world around us).

This is going to be a bit of a farther reach into the metaphysical and spiritual than I usually go in these posts, but I know you can handle it! ivermectina para bicho geografico I’ve been shown it’s time to start getting a little more in depth and maybe far out…

Point #1
Let me start by talking about Mr. Zimmerman, the object and focus of much hate. Many people believe that Mr. Zimmerman has some level of culpability in the incident and that our laws have failed Mr. Martin. Our human laws are inherently flawed, they are not meant or able to cover every possible situation, but karmic law is always operating perfectly.

The fact that we can’t see Karma happening (such as our interpretation of the acquittal as that he “got away with it”) is a factor of our limited perspective. If we could see the whole picture, which is quite large, we would not have any reason to blame Mr. Zimmerman. He is going to get his due Karmic Balancing, or, maybe this incident has balanced something from his past.

Point #2
For Mr. Martin’s part, what’s done is done. We can clearly see that this was exactly what his life was to be about. a buon mercato ivexterm We can say, “but he had his whole life ahead of him!” But we don’t actually know that. What we do know, is that his current life stopped the day Mr. Zimmerman shot him. We do know that his life’s incident brought a whole lot of attention to racism, our laws, and our “system.”

We don’t know that had this not happened the way it did, that Mr. Martin’s life would have been great. He may have also been on the verge of falling into some other terrible situation filled with pain and suffering. This may have saved him more suffering than was caused to him. All I’m saying is, we don’t know.


Point #3
Do we have 2 victims, 1 victim and one perpetrator, or do we have 2 beautiful souls who came to this planet to teach us a lesson in how to love each other? To teach us how to communicate before things get hostile? To teach us that we all want peace and Unity and the space to create the life we want: unencumbered. To teach us the importance of the violation of “the other” when we assume who the other is or what they meant by something they said or did? Assumption is the cause of so much suffering.

Sometimes karma can be seen quite clear, and my understanding of Karma is not limited to the writing above. ivermectin drench for sheep for rabbits Take this to be a stimulant to your thoughts about how the Universe works and whether it’s helpful to blame people, assume that we know the truth about physical events, and fall into the victim mentality (which only invites more “problem” situations as chances to learn the lesson of personal responsibility).

I will choose to honor the lives of both Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin, because both have brought so much energy to these areas of darkness.

Action:  What do you think about Karma?  Comment, and let your ideas be known!

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Melvis NotElvis July 22, 2013 at 1:23 pm

Excellent article… both lives suffered tragedy and karma. Both will learn from it.

As have ALL of us.

thank you


Matt July 22, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Thanks for your comments, and you compassion…


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