Good to Great: How the Spurs Teach us to Live Life to the Fullest.

by Matt on July 1, 2014

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For the most part, people come to me when things are all messed up in their life: pain, sadness, stuck-ness. For me, that’s fine, that’s what I signed up for when I decided I would help people as healer(I actually enjoy it!). I help people digest problems, confront big set-backs, and learn to take their “stuff” and turn it into the gold that propels them towards health, healing, balance, and enlightenment.

I also have a life outside of my healing practice. I spent many hours of the past 7 months watching the San Antonio Spurs basketball games with my dad. In my 20’s I would have told you that to watch other people live their lives to the fullest on TV was a fool’s errand. I still sort of believe that, but there are some really good stories and art on TV, and the Spurs are both.

You may have heard about us(the Spurs) winning the World Championship this year with no huge name players, and because we played “egoless, team-centered basketball.” That is what our coach of the last 18 years, Greg Popovich, teaches: fundamental, ego-less team playing. He teaches a little aphorism referred to as “Good to Great.” I’ve heard it described as making the extra pass from a good shot to a great shot, putting in the extra work to make a good team a great team, and so on.

This is the message I bring to you, today. Yes, I can help you as you pick up the pieces. Yes, I can help you understand the connections around your situations spiritually, and yes, I can hold space for you to transform from pain or confusion to balance. I can provide a sounding board, and teach you the practices to heal your heart and body. AND, you have the ability to take the next step also, to go from “Good to Great.” This means, once the crisis has ended, are you going to keep breathing, to keep writing, to keep doing your yoga, to stay off the booze, or the sugar, or the whatever, and allow space for your greatness to come? Well? Are you?

I wish someone would call me and say, “Matt, I’m fine today, and I want to see what the breath-work can help me with when I am already good.” Maybe I haven’t made it clear, and I’ve been thinking about it lately, how to make it clear that “healing” doesn’t really stop when the body is back to normal. There is a new normal to be reached called enlightenment, or “the zone,” or “peak human-ness,” or something like that. The breath work and teaching around Self-Love, abundance, and the body that I bring to my classes and privates can also heal you into progress, take you from pain, past normal, into greatness.

So if you are out there, and if you want to be the WORLD CHAMPION YOU, I urge you to remember that you can go from good to great, and the whole world will follow you…

Much Love, Matt

PS. I wrote this blog a few weeks ago, and in the time between then and now as I edit and publish, A new-ish client made an appointment and and told me when I got there, “I’m basically good, but I just know I feel better doing these sessions with you when I can…” So there’s a second lesson in this little article, if you want to manifest something, write it down and ask the Universe for it!


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