An integral part of the new attraction regarding the courting was its pretence to be a key between one or two partners

by Matt on April 19, 2022

An integral part of the new attraction regarding the courting was its pretence to be a key between one or two partners

1885 ANFOESOLDEB iOS tanД±Еџma sitesini istiyorum YN NGHYMRU. You aren’t a moral country, and you also understand it,” ebe bardd Seisnig diweddar. “Nid ydych genedl foesol, a chwi a’i gwyddoch. لعبة الروليت مجانا ” … Diffyg ystyriaeth o’r sit uchel an effective ddyry y Grefydd Gristionogol i’r ystad briodasol yw us rheswm mawr paham yr ystyrir “caru yn y gwely” yn beth mor ddiniwed. Dyma’r paham y dywedir cyn lleied am y pwys o gadw y seithfed gorch- ymyn ar year aelwyd gartref dyma’r paham year eir heibio i waith y par ieuainc yn llithro cyn priodi,” fel rhywbeth bach di-ystyr; dyma’r paham y dewisa cynifer gytuno a’u gilydd yn swyddfa y cofrestrydd yn hytrach na myned we geisio bendith y Nef ar eu hundeb yn y cysegr. Llan, 31 January 1885

He penned their memory from their early many years in the 1953 Uncle Jams’s motto throughout the times of his teens is actually Canu’r dydd an effective charu’r nos” (“Sing by day and like by night”)

1890 (about) D.J. Williams (1885-1970) was born in new parish from Llansawel, Carmarthenshire. .. “In the event you wooed, wooed when the sun goes down” that’s how it try with our team, using the girld about reasonable of the auction, or even the cymanfa and/or weekday meeting otherwise making a scheduled appointment to visit and you can ‘knock’ (gnoco) on her behalf, towards the window off this lady asleep appartment, that was brand new individualized, of course the newest piece of cake was in the right one-fourth as well as affairs favourable you went towards the cooking area privately whenever everyone else was at sleep, and there you spoke together on the hearth through to the very early occasions of your morning. The state identity for it are ‘providing house’ (cael ty). لعبة القمار ورق … The two manage hardly ever rise above the crowd together with her in public areas right up until they were to the verge of getting married – even though what you is actually once the ordinary to everyone as a whole given that if your banns is named two years once the. The brand new traditions regarding courting during intercourse, if this ever endured become a habit on region, is actually gone in advance of my day. Far nonesence might have been authored on this subject amount by the individuals entirely simple of your artwork. كيف تلعب بلاك جاك … new strict pressure on man’s resides in the outdated days leftover folks in the office assiduously away from early in the early morning right until later at night, in order for there clearly was not much oportunity to possess social intercourse among young people except by the taking regarding the deep hours of the night. Williams, D.J., Hen Dy Ffarm (1953), pp. 109-110 Translated by Waldo Williams, The old Farmhouse, (1961), pp. 134-135

1891 I am obliged toward correspondent who was good enough so you can pass me personally a copy of one’s statement of the house from Mercy into the Diocese out-of St. David’s. It declaration is great facts that our Church isn’t unmindful of the immorality that is, I need to state, widespread regarding diocese. … As soon as we already been closer where you can find Cardiganshire in which “bundling” remains the entire code, new subscriptions aren’t liberal, and i will find nothing on areas into the Petty Sessional Divisions from Upper liar and Tregaron in which the populace is actually hardly out of the barbaric stage, as regards social love. Carmarthen Record and you can South Wales Each week Advertiser, twenty five September 1891

Operating-system yw priodas yn addas, air-con os oes rhaid ymgyfeillachu cyn priodi (fel y credwn fod), onid yw yn addas i wneyd hyny “yng ngwyneb carry a llygaid goleuni,” mewn lleoedd amlwg air cooling nid yn y gwely ym mherfeddion y nos?

1892 [page with the publisher] MOESOLDEB CARU … Gwareder ein gwlad o hyn allan oddi wrth y fath trferiad isel good gwaradwyddus Tra yr ydym yn llawenhau fod y fath yna o garu ar drengu air-con yn cael eu ftieiddio gan bob mab a merch syn wyrol, otherwise hyny year ydym yn llwyr gredu y dylid difodi y caru nosawl a’r caru yn y gwely. Carmarthen Log and you may Southern area Wales Weekly Marketer, nine September 1892

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