Starting Over: 4 steps to fulfilling dreams in 2013

by Matt on January 1, 2013

I am a king of starting over.

Last year during a healing retreat with David Elliott, one of the participants explained to the group how when focusing her attention on me, she got a visual image of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, and exclaimed that she thinks I will crash, burn, and revive many times in my life.

Well, not that it paints a very hopeful picture, because who likes to crash and burn right? But, it’s pretty much true for me. And crashing and burning, and rising again, are a necessary part of growth and creativity and learning who we are, and growing up. So, if we want to know who we are, and we want to try things that we feel called to do, then, get ready for at least some failure and some having to pull it all back together, regroup, and get started again.

phoenix rising image

So that brings me to a majorly overlooked and often “misunderstimated” part of Starting over. After a good fai

lure, we can be gun-shy to get going again, not wanting to face embarrassment of failure, or the loss that comes with… losing.

But I lay out the path to getting going again after a hard loss:

  1. Own up to the last mistakes you made. Clear your head and decide that your past failure has been GOOD for you because it taught you about who you are!
  2.  Write down in a flash all the things you’d like to do next.
  3.  Pick a couple of them and write down the first couple steps you think you’d need to take towards that thing you’d like to accomplish.
  4. Do the next step right now, do it.

As artists, and we are all artists, we can all get bogged down in all the numerous steps things may take to accomplish- but really all we can do, is the NEXT STEP. So get cracking! This is a major feel good thing and leads to the next step… which leads to the next step.

When we look at it all together, not only can our dreams look impossible, it isn’t a real picture of what the future looks like, because as we take steps towards our dreams and goals, assistance from the universe, sometimes called serendipity or synchronicity starts to help us and give us boosts which we could not have foreseen before we got started.

My wish for you in 2013 is that you accomplish a dream or 2, and the key to doing that is getting started, or maybe brushing yourself off and starting again!

Ask a question or leave a comment. Tell me what you plan to o this year or share a story that will help us all!

Many Blessings in 2013.



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