Garden Season, Free Trees for SA, and a Raised Bed I built

by Matt on March 7, 2013

raised beds at JBs

Howdy Healthy, Green-y, Lovers of Life,

It is garden season in Central Texas.  While we could see another freeze (average last frost is March 15th, but that’s “changing” it seems)… I want to let you know it’s time to plant.  You may have to cover things up once or twice, but I wouldn’t worry about it- your garden will thrive if it gets this growing time to become mature before the crazy heat comes this summer.  You have a few weeks, basically “till” about mid-April to get the widest variety of edibles planted.

Also, I wanted to show off a garden I installed last week.

This Garden, which is 2 raised beds, 10’x3′ planted with about 25 plants and some seeds, in organic pre-amended soil with a “Raindrip” automatic irrigation system was approx. $850.  From this, many seasons will follow where hundreds of tomatoes, lettuces, eggplant, squash, melons, beans, herbs, and fruits, will grow abundantly with little more input.  This was installed in about 1.5 days, and is already growing!  Soon, those tomatoes will be 4 feet tall and green leaves, flowers, and vegetables will dominate the scene.

We also made a squash and watermelon mound off to the side which will vine out across the grass not taking up space in the boxes.

If you’d like help, I am here to help.  I design, consult, and even build.  I can tell you what materials you will want and how to do it organically (and virtually fail proof). I can test your ground for toxins, and even dig it all out and put in new organic dirt if needed. I am happy to do smaller jobs than the one shown here, and bigger aesthetic installations of edibles, flowering natives, cacti, and fruit and nut trees.

Free Trees

Right now you can get a $250 rebate on tree planting from CPS.  Contact me  for details or go here to learn a little more from CPS.  Basically, you can plant Walnut or Pecan, and many other types as “shade” trees and get a $50 rebate per tree up to 5.  Basically, that would get you the tree for free, so you would only be responsible for planting it, and turning in your application with “proof.”

Much love and gratitude to Mother Earth.  Remember, with out her, we are nothing, and with her, we are blessed.

Have a great garden season, Matt

raindrip cu


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