A Natural Day to Plant a Seed: What New Moon Means to You

by Matt on April 10, 2013

Today is a new moon.

It happened at 4:35am last night here in Texas.  What I mean is, the peak moment of the dark(new) moon happened this morning at 4:35am CST. (that’s 5:35 am on the East coast and 2:35am on the West Coast and 3:35am in the Mountains).

Farmers and Gardeners use the moon to guide things like planting dates, harvesting dates and more.

What physically happens here on Earth following the new moon that makes it a good time to plant is that for the next week, the gravitational pull helps the new seedling grow towards the moon, and the increasing light at night encourages the plant to “grow up.”  There is a similar phenomenon after the full moon gravitationally, but the decreasing light tells the plants to “grow down” (a good time for root plants, and for harvesting and root growth).

Have you ever heard the term “as above so below.”

This phrase attempts to describe the similarities in phenomena, and behavior, based on the idea that all things (us included) operate on the same laws.  Or, more accurately and precisely, it’s a Hermetic law that is like the idea of macrocosm/microcosm.

Just as a gardener or farmer is a grower of plants, we are farmers of our lives.

What “plants” would you like to grow in your own life?  The money tree? Do you have a bun in the oven? Are you cultivating the relationships you want?  How about the relationship with yourself?

After growing plants myself as an organic gardener, and being a Farmville(video game) addict (fully recovered), I have learned that our lives and the happenings in them are very similar to gardening. We are planting, feeding, watering, providing space and sunlight, and rest, for each of our creative projects.

And, I’ve noticed that there are natural rhythms that govern and provide either challenges or assistance to these projects. I know I can plant a seed at the wrong time and make it grow, but I’ve also learned that it might be more challenging than if I did it as prescribed by natures laws. If I slow down and watch, I can see, hear and feel these rhythms more acutely.

So, this is a really good time to plant a seed, or seeds, for the year.  Or re-affirm those planted earlier by way of renewing your vows. Not only do you have a New Moon to aid you, this is the beautiful Spring push… the blossoms are bursting forth and nature is saying, yes, Grow, grow now! (everybody’s doing it!)… But this does not mean that you should plant a seed that is impossible to manifest for you, that would not be natural.

Instead of just daydreaming which is like a seed in a fire, take your daydream and give it some water and and some space to grow.  Write down your idea and then work out what steps might be needed to achieve that idea.  Draw your vision or  cut it out of a magazine and then glue your picture in it!

I wish you a blossoming year and encourage you to share your dream with me.  Email or comment below and tell me your ideas, challenges or questions about how to plant the seed to grow the life you want.  AND, remember to let the Universe give you the help it is always providing to all life to create the experiences that make us unique and fully ALIVE!


PS: the most ideal time to plant new seeds is within about 18 hours of the peak of the new moon, either before or even better, on or after the peak… You can search moon phases to find this out, or buy a “Gardening by the moon Calendar”….




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Debby April 10, 2013 at 11:53 pm

Thank you for this! I love your explanation of how the energies of moon cycles work. On this new moon, I am re-planting my intentions to create space for my daily pranayama and meditation every morning…which means waking up earlier and getting to bed earlier 😉


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