Cleanliness IS Next to Godliness

by Matt on October 24, 2013

Recently I caught myself explaining the importance of the phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” to a barista that I share a good joke or story with on many mornings. Her name is Monica.

Cleanliness has many virtues, but the main thing that I use it for is to increase the sense of mystery in my life. ivermectin resistance in swine That is exactly opposite of they way I once operated. I used to think if things were are mucky and disorganized I “was flying by the seat of my pants” and that was good.

I will admit that though I still have a bit of struggle in this department, I have been focused on cleaning up the messes that I’ve created lately, going back as far as childhood, and WHOA! Good new things are coming at me now. Let me explain.

What’s a mess?

I look at a mess as any energy that has the lingering effects of “undoneness.” This might be a pile of things not yet put away, a conversation started and never finished, debt(especially untended or old debt), and even thoughts or emotions that have not been processed. Of course you can add to this list dirty dishes floors or cupboards, files, computer files, and even accumulated weight or toxins in the body.

The key to understanding why things should be orderly, is understanding that everything is preceeded by, and made up, of energy. Energy is the source of everything. Before a tree, energy, before a cup of coffee, energy, before a hug, energy first moves. There is a want(energy) then a thought(enrgy), then an action(well, you get the idea).

Let’s look at a couple of messes, and hopefully I can inspire you to clean up for a better “Flow of Energy” in your life.

Clutter, piles, files:

I remember reading an article recently that said that clutter ‘is a decision not yet made.’ Wow, I couldn’t agree more. Every pile of stuff that is unsorted or dirty is like a black hole for your energy. It’s a place where more unmade decisions will go to die. Actually, its worse than that. Unmade decisions go there to live like a parasite, slowly draining your life force. ivermectina 6 mg precio para que sirve Yuck.

Clean Conversations:

A conversation is a relationship. When energy is flowing between people, and then there is a severing of that flow before a natural ending, there is uncompleted energy waiting there static until some conclusion is reached. This might be simple to let go, and easily moved beyond. But, if its a more important conversation, and someone is left “hanging” it could become an invisible drain on you. The person, or you, may conclude or assume something and then a whole cascade of effects can unfold due to this unclean conversation.

What about an internal mess?

Everybody has unresolved “stuff.” These are the scenarios from the past- past hurts, past dealings that were never quite fully digested- which influence our behaviors. ivermectin 1.87% paste llama We have grown up to think that these behaviors are “just the way we are.”

This type of mess can be tricky to clean up because of how deep it is held in the subconscious and because of how much we have grown to believe it is “true.” I have seen these types of messes transmuted and cleaned up in my work as healer and have seen the result of people discovering that they and their behaviors aren’t quite who and what they thought they were – much to their relief!

In Conclusion

The thing about cleanliness being “next to” godliness is this: When the avenues that energy(Flow from the Universe) works through in your life are clean, the highway for that Flow is wide-open. If your pathways are clogged with “stuff” from the past, where most messes reside, then you don’t have much open space in the container of your life for new, fresh experience to visit you.

Even more concretely: When you have a bunch of messes that you are constantly having to navigate around in your brain, heart, body and kitchen, and are constantly having to clean up, suppress, jump over, ignore for later, etc, you don’t have much time to focus on the new, fun, interesting, creative parts of your life. Or if you do make time, maybe you could be enjoying it a whole lot more without the clutter?

For me, that Flow propels the mysterious worlds of creativity, synchronicity, and meditation(because it’s hard to meditate when there’s a lot of clutter in the mind!).

Here’s a tip: If you are thinking about an issue you’d like to resolve and you are thinking about what you could add to the issue that would help it, try thinking of something you could subtract from that issue also. Like if you are having trouble sleeping, and are thinking you should take a pill, then also think about the stressor, or chemicals, that are contributing to your restlessness, and what could be cleared out of the way and maybe try that first.

Do this:

Make a list of 3 “messes” you could clean up within one week. Then post it on the wall/fridge/bathroom mirror. Clean them up. Do something fun. Repeat until happy.

Much Love, and tip your barista.

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