Everyday Magic, Spelling, and the Book of Common Prayer

by Matt on October 21, 2014

Matt with his magic wand. Matt with his magic wand.


Have you ever thought through the process of how you acquire your lot in life?

Really, have you ever looked closely at the steps you take towards attainment of material objects, relationships, and experiences?

It’s a magical time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. The colors are changing, the winds are picking up and there is an electricity in them that heralds the change of seasons. People are getting a little frisky as the cool weather arrives and the clothes we are wearing change.

Recently, I saw on a book-shelf at the Liberty Bar, one of my favorite old restaurants in San Antonio (now housed in a building that was a convent), the Book of Common Prayer. Immediately, I thought, ‘oh, that’s like the Christian book of magic spells.’

This might freak some Christians out to hear that interpretation, but stick with me and you’ll see what I mean.

So, my explanation of “Everyday Magic” is basically the methodology of manifestation of all things into our lives. Everything. What I mean by that is that there are very specific ways we get what we want-and sometimes what we don’t want! And there’s a conversation going on with the Universe as we create the conditions that will cause the unfolding of our experiences.

Many of you have probably heard that “thoughts become things.” What this means on the most basic level, is that before we have created something, we have to have thought about it first. An example would be having the thought “I would like that pair of boots,” and then thinking about the path to obtaining those boots, taking the necessary steps, and then obtaining those boots.

Maybe the path looked more like this: 1. The feeling or thought “I want new clothes for winter.” 2.  “I will look at what’s available” (what others have created on the faith that they would be repaid for them). 3. Make a list of the items you want. 4. Collect the money, or decide how to purchase or receive those things. 5. Receive them.

Thoughts… became… things.

This is like a very deliberate magical spell casting!

In fact, you must spell the name of the brand, size, and color correctly, or might not get what you want!

Here’s the empowering (read: fun and scary) part. This is pretty much how it is with everything.

When things are happening, know that they came from somewhere. You may have called them up by making a deliberate move towards attainment of that thing. Or, you may be playing a part in someone else’s magic, in a sense, what someone else wants. Of course, you would be manifesting, and responsible for, your role in their dreams- as you would have agreed, on some level, to be there.

This is where things get more complicated, and why there is generally some punishment when we trick people into being a part of our dream or magic, through false or dark motives. (As I write this one of my favorite songs, “The Weight of Lies” by the Avett Brothers, comes on)

So, how did the book of Common Prayer trigger this thinking?

Basically, prayers are appeals for what we want to receive through an ethereal thought pattern. A chant asking God (the conscious Universe), or some angellic entity, or archetype, for protection, abundance, Love, forgiveness, etc. So, the folks that wrote those prayers understood that, these words, said this way, will have said effect. Sing your prayers to make them even more powerful!

This is where “magic” gets even more fun and the lines between the physical and ethereal world become porous. When appealing to the etheric plane, or God realm, it’s much more difficult for us to see exactly how it happens. Done correctly, though, this is more powerful than you might think. Many times we can’t exactly see how karma, our thoughts, or our use of the Golden Rule is coming back to us, but it is. Sometimes, we can see it, through synchronicity, serendipity, or an “almost magical turn of events,” which lines up perfectly with what we were wanting. Sometimes, it’s a “Well, that’s what you get when you… (lie, cheat, steal, etc)” and again it’s pretty obvious.

Maturing as a modern practical magician means progressing through the easy and practical “spells,” to the more etheric and challenging ones, with increased Faith in the unseen and probably some trial and error, as you get it right.  Also, there are well worn methods of manifestation, like saving money is a way to become rich. There is also less-well established and riskier routes, like creativity and entrepreneurship. Risk and reward are balanced, as usual.

Luckily, there are guides of all persuasions out there to help us in manifesting what we want, and understanding why or how we are manifesting what we don’t want. When I am working with clients, they usually start coming to me because they want to stop some part of their experience, which may be pain, addiction, unhealthfulness. Then though, as they progress, there is a change into bringing in what they do want. This is a process, and is faster with some and slower with some.

My main tip: Just know that you are casting what I am calling “magic” everyday, so use your magic for good, or that trial and error thing will come back to haunt you in a way you are not going enjoy. You might get tricked instead of treated at Halloween, if you know what I mean! If you need some help with “uncontrollable” thoughts, or you want help in the process, let me know.

With practice and asking for help from the Universe, you will turn yourself into a good practical magician in no time. You are powerful beyond your current knowing. Believe it, and use it for good, and watch the magic unfold in your life!

I hope you are having a great year and happy changing of seasons.

Love, Matt

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