The Phases of Healing- the Dance Towards Empowerment

by Matt on October 3, 2014

Spiral-logarithmic-antennaIt’s pretty funny, to me, the whirlwind healing that I have gone through in the past 6 weeks. Luckily not all of our healing experiences happen at the same time, because I don’t know if I could have handled much more at this time.

We’ve all got our dance when it comes to personal growth. Two steps forward, one step back, and so on.

The brief journey around this operation has all the elements of the chronology of a healing:
1. Suspecting something was wrong but not paying much attention.
2. The problem getting worse and then I absolutely have to deal with it.
3. Research and decisions(for me: deciding on a path somewhat against the wishes of those close to me).
4. Moving into the uncomfortable place of the fire of transmutation (going for surgery which would temporarily cause more pain).
5. Asking for help
6. Feeling deep pain.
7. Slowly recovering, trying to be conscious enough to keep myself from doing anything that would set me back.
8. see below 🙂

So I am in that last stage right now. The pain is so much subsided compared with the days just after surgery, but I am moving at about 80% speed and trying to remember that I can’t move any faster, or lift anything heavy for a while.

Hopefully, and with any luck and grace, I’ll move into the 8th phase: the issue is behind me, I am living better than before and I have learned from my experience enough to not have to repeat it.

There Are No Accidents

I operate under the belief that “energy precedes experience.” This means that with all of our experiences, “good” and “bad,” our beliefs, actions, and the attitude that we employ while believing, thinking, speaking and experiencing, influence the situations that we find ourselves in. An easier way to say it is that “there are no accidents.” We are actually, calling in all the experiences we are having.

Scary right? It means there is so much responsibility that we have to take for ourselves!

And this is exactly where our dance comes in. We get outraged enough, or have pain enough to do something about our issue, and we do, and we feel better. This is the moment when we could stay the course and make progress into our healing or growth. Too often, though, complacency and resistance set in, and you move along with no urgency, and maybe event revert back to some old pattern, where we lose ground. Then we wake up again and get moving only when we are compelled by some internal voice or because we are again reminded by some external experience(healing crisis). As for my dance with the hernia, I’ll need a whole separate article to explain where I’m at, but needlessly to say, I’m staying on it!

I have seen “energy preceding experience” play out many times with myself and also watched how similar are the experiences of friends and clients. If you track backward into the actions and thoughts you had before the crises, or the stroke of good fortune, you received, you will see patterns. You can see that different choices or beliefs or attitudes, you would have received a different outcome. And, yes, the good in life also works this way, but I am not going to focus on that in this post about making “good” from something “‘bad.”

The empowerment comes from the wisdom of experience and the learned choice to do something different this time around. Inevitably, the Universe will throw a similar experience your way to see if you have learned your lesson. And, this is important: you do not need to know exactly why something happened to you to heal and learn and move forward confidently. Sometimes the energy that is being completed, in a sense, is coming from something you can’t remember you were involved in, from childhood, or from a time you’ve chosen to forget on some level.

You CAN actually choose the wiser choice without knowing why exactly something happened. In fact, digging backwards and trying to figure it out can slow your healing process! You can just choose to heal and do the practices that will help you. Sometimes, however, it’s best to look at it directly, especially if its something that keeps coming up over and over again and that you want to change. You may do better to dig that one up.

Masters who have come before, I am thinking Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tsu, Mohammed, and many more current ones, like Byron Katie, David Elliott, and Gary Zukav, have mapped the way. We can heal through the wisdom that is all around us and become empowered before the crises strikes. With consciousness, awareness, you are tapped into an energy current that helps you “head problems off at the pass” so that you do not have to experience the pain of deep crises. True, most if not all of us have to experience some crises and pain for ourselves as part of our waking up. Caroline Myss says ‘you can either learn about Love through pain or through joy, and it’s your choice.’ I would add, it’s your choice once you’ve become awake enough to realize that you are ultimately responsible for yourself, and youare in co-creation with the Universe. Before that it can seem like its all just random and happening to you.

A Higher Quality Problem

The practices I teach, are all designed to keep you moving forward and into a state of love and balance, so that you can get on to what I call the “higher quality problem.”

What I have seen is that you will be given a “higher quality of problem” to work with as you digest your issues, your karma, and move into a healthy and more balanced state. Such as, instead of “how can I stop killing myself with this bad habit(like smoking, drinking heavily, risky behaviors, etc)?,” your higher quality problem will be, “how can I help others more effectively(make more money so my kids can go to college, help my clients in a more effective way, etc)?” And while you will still have personal issues to digest and be working with your own healing you are in a better place to be able to help those people who are asking for help.

Take some ACTION:
Apply the steps above to see what phase you are in with your issue. Maybe its a combination of these phases, or slightly different. And then, write about what you really want your experience to be like around the issue. Feel free to tell me about it through email, or come to a class in your area soon. See below.

In healing and loving and offering help,


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