Are You a Healer?

by Matt on April 19, 2013

One of the main questions I get, and every adult in America get’s, is “What do you do?”

Depending on who is asking, and my mood, I haven given pretty widely differing answers to this question. “I’m an Artist.” “I’m a teacher.” “I’m a musician,” and “I build organic gardens in between making music.” Sometimes, feeling cheeky, I’ll say “I’m a shaman.” Or if I’m being general “I do yoga.” It’s a challenge because my jobs and titles, being many, do not fit easily in a box most westerners are familiar with: A title with the name of a company accompanying it.


I know what title ties all these together, and by the title of this blog, you probably know where this is headed, but the comprehensive answer for me is: “I’m a healer.”


Are you a healer?

You may not think of yourself as a Healer, but my short answer is: Yes, everyone is a healer.

When we skin our knee, become ill or suffer a broken heart, and then that scrape or illness heals, and our heart finds love again, we are engaged in healing. Sure, some of us are involved more directly in channelling the healer Archetype. Doctors, Nurses, massage therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, and more are out there everyday working with healing.

I have learned, because of my need to overcome disease and despair in my own life, how to prepare for and accomplish the most efficient and thorough healing possible. Necessity being the mother of all invention, here I am.

The basics to healing are this: you have to give the thing you are trying to heal the proper environment to heal.



  1. When you skin your knee or cut your finger, you want to prepare that wound by cleaning it out(preparing), and keeping it clean. Maybe keeping it covered or giving air as needed.
  2. When we encounter illness or disease, we have to slow down, rest, and give space and time for the healing. If we don’t allow for adequate healing, the problem may “cure” but the energy that created the illness may still be present. If the healing requires significant changes such as overcoming an addiction, or a substantial change in diet, we have to become aware of our motivation for wanting things that aren’t good for us and be willing to confront that energy and turn it into our ally in healing, and turn it away from our problem.
  3. When overcoming a broken heart, anxiety, and other emotional or spiritual imbalances, we have be willing to dig in and learn about ourselves, excavate the past and pull these emotions by the roots-lest we leave them there to grow again.  Do you notice the same patterns or events coming back again and again where you feel powerless and sad/down/negative, etc?

There are many ways to mask and subdue the so-called negative symptoms of illness and heartbreaks. Then there are the ways that actually bring about healing. These are the methods that I am interested in, teaching, and living.


I’m a Healer

When I am playing music alone, with others, or for others, there is an inspirational energy flowing.  It’s healing.

When I am working with a garden, designing and building, and helping someone or some family create a space to learn and receive from the Earth, I am helping them connect to something larger, learn the language of nature, and engage in creativity. It’s healing.

When I am teaching a workshop or individual clients concerning their energy, emotions, and bodies, it’s a little more obvious that I am engaged in direct healing work.

When I am at leisure going through my everyday, I am conscious about how my demeanor, words, and actions can either uplift or invoke negativity in those around me.

Can a person really heal others?

There is an old story about a man being very skeptical about the work of a local spiritual healer. He goes to the healer and asks him how he does his work. The healer answers that he whispers certain words in the ear of the the person needing healing. The skeptic is not convinced. The Healer then yells very abruptly.  Sharp, stinging words fly at the skeptic and the man recoils in fear. After a moment, as the skeptic regains his balance, the Healer says, “you see, I can use my words to make you feel ill, and I can use them to make you feel better.” And the skeptic experienced the truth of the power we have to heal each other and ourselves.

The larger picture nowadays, though, is that we live in an environment where deep healing is rare and combated on the surface level by all sorts of events and ideas which are distracting and even purposefully negative.  How difficult it may seem to really heal in this environment!

My experience is that it is easier in many ways than we think to heal, grow our spirit, and really be living the DREAM!


For a deeper more personal look at this topic, ask yourself these questions and write down your answers:

How do you heal yourself? How do you heal others? Are there parts of your daily experience that you know are “in the way” of deeper healing? Are you willing to do something about it?

And then, let me know about it! What are your tips, tricks and questions to healing body, mind, and spirit? Either comment below or email me if that is more appropriate.

Happy Healing.


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Matt April 19, 2013 at 11:30 am

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